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Restaurant & Bar
Work Type:
Full Time
Salary Range:
100,000 to 200,000


Welcomes guests to the hotel restaurant upon arrival, managing reservations and seating arrangements. Ensures efficient service flow, communicates wait times, and addresses guest inquiries. Collaborates with servers and management to optimize the dining experience. Maintains a tidy entrance area, manages phone inquiries, and upholds the restaurant's ambiance. Requires excellent interpersonal skills, organizational abilities, and a commitment to providing outstanding guest service.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Guest Reception: Greet guests upon arrival, provide a warm welcome, and manage the initial guest interaction.
  2. Reservation Management: Maintain reservations, ensuring accurate booking information and timely seating.
  3. Seating Coordination: Organize seating arrangements, balance server workload, and manage table turnover efficiently.
  4. Guest Communication: Provide accurate information about wait times, menu offerings, and special promotions to guests.
  5. Waitlist Management: Maintain a waitlist during busy periods, notifying guests when their table is ready.
  6. Customer Service: Offer exceptional customer service by addressing guest inquiries, concerns, and special requests.
  7. Collaboration: Communicate effectively with servers, kitchen staff, and management to ensure smooth dining operations.
  8. Cleanliness and Presentation: Ensure the host stand and waiting area are clean, organized, and presentable.
  9. Special Occasions: Manage special occasions or requests, such as birthdays or anniversaries, and accommodate special needs.
  10. Reservation Follow-Up: Follow up with guests after their dining experience to gather feedback and address any issues.

Qualifications Required

  1. Customer Service Experience: Previous experience in customer service, preferably in a restaurant or hospitality setting.
  2. Interpersonal Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills for guests, colleagues, and management.
  3. Communication Abilities: Effective verbal communication to convey wait times, menu information, and guest interactions.
  4. Organizational Skills: Strong organizational skills to simultaneously manage reservations, seating arrangements, and guest inquiries.
  5. Calm Under Pressure: Ability to handle busy and fast-paced periods while remaining composed and friendly.
  6. Positive Attitude: A positive and welcoming demeanor to create a pleasant atmosphere for guests.
  7. Multitasking: Capacity to manage multiple tasks, such as answering phone calls, seating guests, and handling inquiries.
  8. Conflict Resolution: Basic conflict resolution skills for minor guest concerns or misunderstandings.

Physical Requirements

  1. Stamina: The ability to stand for extended periods during shifts.
  2. Mobility: The capability to move quickly and efficiently to escort guests to their tables and manage seating.
  3. Visual Acuity: Clear vision to identify guest needs, read reservations, and assess table availability.
  4. Hearing: Sufficient hearing to communicate effectively with guests and colleagues in a noisy environment.
  5. Communication Abilities: Clear and audible speech to interact with guests and colleagues.
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